New York-based creative production house Cause & [Effect] and director Moh Azima mix visual inventiveness with black and white cinematography to clone Eastern goddesses for electro psych-soul act Phenomenal Handclap Band. The muses, with singing lips on the palms of their hands, are surrounded with pyramid-inspired geometric shapes, among other visual techniques, in the ‘80s disco-influenced music video “The Right One.”

Azima brought on the Cause & [Effect] team early on in his collaboration with Art Director Justin Acree to hone his vision for the video’s unique imagined world. “The Right One” debuted exclusively on NPR on January 24th to tease their new album Form and Control from Tummy Touch Records due out on February 13th.

The Cause & [Effect] post team worked directly with Azima, first modeling CG elements in LightWave and Cinema 4D and later compositing and animating in After Effects.  Notes Creative Director Jamie Hubbard, “It was an exciting challenge envisioning and creating an abstract world and then placing the people within that world to give this video its dreamlike feel.”

The video, set to an infectious dance beat, alternates between band members performing the song among minimalist geometric sets inspired by ancient temples and abstract neon-lit spaces.   Amidst lightning flashes and floating shapes that evoke modernist sculpture, individual band members are often depicted in multiple forms within a single frame while weather effects like lightning and clouds add a dramatic backdrop in stark black and white.  Eventually, the band members turn into blinding beams of light, one by one, and disappear, leaving us with an empty shot of a sun peeking over the horizon of a planet as the words: “There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds” appear superimposed over the screen.

About Cause & [Effect]

Cause & [Effect] is a collection of highly talented storytellers, artists, thinkers, and above all…CREATORS.  Writing, shooting, directing, editing, designing, compositing, animation… They see every project as an opportunity for collaboration—a chance to apply their creative team’s experience, ideas and personality, to making engaging and memorable work for their clients.


Director: Moh Azima
Post Production: Cause & [Effect], New York
Executive Producer: Jason Zemlicka
Creative Director: Jamie Hubbard
Director of Post: Jeff Wolfe
Post Coordinator: Leslie Yoon
Art Director: Justin Acree
Animation: Tim Lines, Pachy Sarmiento, David Acampora, Brad Walter
Cinematographer: Zoe White
Producer: Sarah Romney
Costume Design: Jenni Hensler
Hair and Makeup: Cheyenne Timperio

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