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McCann Erickson, Worldwide and Rock Paper Scissors editor Frank Snider team up with NY-based Sonic Union mixer Steve Rosen to weigh in on male weight loss with Charles Barkley in the humorous :30 “Lady Charles” for Weight Watchers. The spot features Barkley contending that Weight Watchers is not just for women by ironically delivering his message in full drag attire.

To see the spot, click HERE.

“Lady Charles” opens on Barkley strutting toward the camera in full drag, complete with a little black dress, heels, curly wig and makeup accompanied by the super, “Charles Weighs In.” He begins his rant, “I hear that some of you guys still think that Weight Watchers is just for women.” He sassily flips his wavy locks as he continues, “Even though I, Sir Charles, have been telling you that Weight Watchers has helped me lose 42 pounds and counting. And I can still eat man food—like steak and pizza. So if this is what I gotta do to get you to listen, then take a good look.” Barkley strikes a saucy pose before finishing, “But my eyes are up here guys.” The spot closes with the super “Lose Like a Man” and the Weight Watchers logo, accompanied by Barkley’s voiceover, “Lose like a man. Go to WeightWatchers.com and start today.”


Sonic Union, New York was a concept born in 2008 between lauded mixers Michael Marinelli and Steve Rosen, and Managing Director Adam Barone. The team set out to create the finest audio shop in New York, while also maintaining a family-like feel in a location that reflected—and supported—client comfort, natural light and the artists’ unwavering love of the craft. Three years later, Sonic Union’s work has won top awards, their employees and clients play together after work, and its architecturally significant space overlooking the trees of Union Square has become a home-away-from-home for everyone who mixes there.

Sonic Union’s team, headed by Studio Manager Justine Cortale, includes the talents of Rob McIver, David Papa, and Paul Weiss. Other disciplines are growing, with the addition of veteran voiceover Casting Director Maria Pappalardo, who brings 15 years of agency experience to the group.

Sonic Union’s flourishing Motion Graphics and VFX studio chases new ideas through design, animation and visual effects, delivering smart and fresh work for an array of creative clients. Pulling off the unexpected with unrivaled dedication, the process is infused with equal parts love and magic. Come in and check out the state of our Union…


Client: Weight Watchers

Title: “Lady Charles” :30

Agency: McCann Erickson, Worldwide

Group Creative Partner: Sharon Ehrlich

Group Creative Partner: Danny Rodriguez

Creative Director/Copywriter: Dan Donovan

Executive Producer: Kathy Love

Group Director: Grant Wagner

Account Director: Sharyn McCarthy

Account Supervisor: Brandon Jansa

Production Company: Believe Media

Director: Liz Friedlander

Post Production: Rock Paper Scissors

Editor: Frank Snider

Music: Pull

Music Executive Producer: Mike Boris

Composer: Peter Rundquist

Audio Post: Sonic Union, NY

Mixer: Steve Rosen